Rising Tide at Point Holmes

Point Holmes
Point Holmes #1 A large boulder is slowly surrounded by the rising tide.

Point Holmes in Comox, British Columbia is a fabulous place for landscape photography. The dynamic nature of the rising or falling tide can create very different compositions at the same location. Therefore, the challenge is to quickly adapt to changing water levels and find interesting combinations of water, boulders, and sky.

Gravel Bar
Point Holmes #2 A gravel bar is separated from the shore by rising water.

The quality of light and changing distribution of clouds interacts with the shore. Using an ultra-wide angle lens creates a sense of expansiveness and space. In addition, using a wide perspective creates a contrast between the calmness of the water and the movement of the clouds. Moreover, careful placement of the horizon line emphasizes sky or water.

Point Holmes #3
Point Holmes #3 Rising water isolates smaller boulders and rocks at Point Holmes.

Photographing with Intent

In order to make sense of the landscape and capture the mood of the place, I look for arrangements of objects like rocks and try to place them in ways that create balance or tension. Rather than simply record the scene in front of me I look for pattern, line, texture, negative and positive space. As a result, sometimes moving slightly left or right and changing the camera angle can make dramatic changes. In addition, large boulders can anchor a scene and provide stability that contrasts with a dynamic sky. Intentional organization of objects to simplify the composition creates stronger images.

Point Holmes #4
Point Holmes #4 A large boulder is separated from the shore by the rising tide.

The changing water level rapidly reveals or conceals rocks and consequently it is important to work quickly to create interesting images. For example, a composition can change dramatically in as little as 15 minutes, becoming better or worse. On one hand, sometimes waiting for the water to change is a good idea. On the other hand, moving on and making a mental note to return later might be a better option.

Point Holmes #5
Point Holmes #5 Changing skies at Point Holmes.

Point Holmes never disappoints and is always surprising. Good landscape photographs are possible if the combination of sky, water and rock is just right. And if they aren’t, just wait five minutes for something to change!

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