Waiting for the Cows to Come Home

At this time of year the weather doesn’t always cooperate for nature photography—nothing is really in bloom (although I did find some hairy manzanita on top of Little Mountain near Parksville in flower) and the weather is usually not the best. This weekend I joined a group of photographers from the Comox Valley Camera Club on a field trip down island to the Little Qualicum Cheeseworks. I’ve been using a Fuji X100S quite a bit lately, and it was a lot of fun playing around with this gorgeous fixed lens camera.

So while I don’t have any “nature” photographs to post today (still working on those), I do have some interesting cows.

Beyond the Gate
Looking over a fence into the barn area at the cows.

Little tip if you’re planning on visiting the farm—bring rubber boots.

Hello Cow!
A curious young cow.

Cows spend a lot of time standing around, but occasionally they’ll mosey from point A to point B.

Black Cow
Just passin’ through.

Aside from the cows at Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, there usually are a number of other animals for children to see like goats, pigs, and chickens. At this time of year there were only a few calves, a muscovy duck, and a lama in the main barn.

Of course, there was also cheese in the cheese shop.

Images photographed with a Fuji X100S and post processed in Lightroom using VSCO Film 01.