Apple Blossom Time

We’ve had a small apple tree in our backyard in “downtown” Courtenay for a couple of years now but it has yet to produce blooms. It’s actually a refugee from my mother-in-law’s place in the country where its growth was effectively kept in check by deer browsing. Looks like the little tree is finally feeling comfortable and now its decided that this is the spring to flower. I’m just hoping that there was enough insect activity for the blossoms to be pollinated. It’s been a cool wet spring and mason bees have been pretty quiet.

Apple Blossoms #1
One of many apple blossoms on our small backyard tree.
Apple Blossoms #2
Close up detail of the apple blossom flowers.
Apple Blossoms #3
I did see a few mason bees around this spring but nothing like the numbers in previous years. Will have to wait to see if these flowers were pollinated!
Apple Blossoms #4
One final look at a potential apple – fingers crossed!

These flowers are pretty much done. Now we’ve just got to wait for the apples to appear!