Changing Points of View

Lazo Marsh
Lazo Marsh, Comox, British Columbia

Early this summer my wife and I moved from our 14 year residence in the Royston area to North East Comox. The two homes are only a half an hour apart by road and we remain in the Comox Valley where we have lived for over 30 years. Long enough to have a good general knowledge of the area.

From a photographing point of view, I am discovering many opportunities in the area close to our new home. To the west there are extensive of trails in the Northeast Woods and into the adjacent Lazo Marsh. To the east we have the Straits of Georgia and Cape Lazo and to the south the Town and Harbour of Comox.

Woodland Stream
Woodland Stream

I started my discoveries by wandering around, exploring new walking trails and revisiting areas I already knew. Friends who live in this area freely shared their knowledge of interesting trails and views. On these first explorations I did not plan to photograph but get some idea of the possibilities.

I soon had a mental list of possible photo opportunities.

Woodland Creek
Woodland Creek

A small secluded stream in the NE woods. Lazo Marsh and Yellow Iris. A friend showed me an old deserted sawmill. A walk along the shore between Point Holmes and Goose Spit revealed some interesting wreckage and a fine viewpoint above Goose Spit overlooked the Cadet Camp with views of the Beaufort Mountains and Comox Glacier in the background. Boats have always interested me and Comox Harbor is full of them!

Indian Pipe
Indian Pipe

Over the next two months I set out to photograph these sites as opportunities presented themselves in late spring and early summer. 

Now I had to work on the details to obtain some decent images. Planning and timing became important. The stream had to be photographed on a dull overcast day and before the water level dropped. Lazo Marsh was going to look best with the Yellow Iris in full bloom and before the Bullrushes grew too high. The old sawmill turned out to be a disappointment, so far. The beach walk was best in morning light. Unexpectedly the Goose Spit overlook turned out to photograph best in sunny, midday light after trying dawn shoots, spoiled by lingering clouds and mist on the mountains. And of course the unexpected opportunities that happen just because I was there! The dawn shoot that failed to get a mountain shot succeeded when I drove down and wandered around on Goose Spit and caught the driftwood breakwaters in beautiful warm, dawn light. A social evening walk around Comox Harbor and finding compositions  with the floats on moored fish boats.

Floats at the Comox Marina, Comox, British Columbia

I am encouraged by the few images taken so far. My list of future opportunities and timing is growing. How about Lazo Marsh on a winter morning? Misty, snowy, with wild fowl? What will cloud formations look like at Point Lazo and Goose Spit in winter storms … these new “Points of View” are full of possibilities and future photo projects.

About the Contributor:

Chris Carter is a photographer based in the Comox Valley, British Columbia. His current work can be viewed in galleries on Vancouver Island and on his web site.