Exploring the Nanaimo Marina

I love wandering around the Nanaimo marina and photographing the boats moored there – so many stories to tell. Often, the details say more than the overall scene. I looked for images that I could create using part of a larger object, focusing in on simple shapes, lines and colours.

Power Boat
Simple lines, shapes and colours. By including less, more is revealed.

What is included and what is excluded? Operating a boat often requires improvisation and working with the material at hand. There are some basic requirements like a gas tank and a motor. And other things as well.

Red Gas Tank
I liked the combination of red gas tank and outboard motor – well used.

The simpler boats are often more interesting than the luxury yachts – more character and substance. When all is said and done, do you really need more than a chair and a bucket for bailing?

Blue Chair, Yellow Bucket
The simple play of shapes and colour in this boat was fascinating.

By simplifying the composition, I tried to distil the essence of this boat, focusing more on the contrast between the texture of the chair and the aluminum hull and play between the solid shape and lines in the scene.

Chair and Rope
A simple object, I liked the contrast between the colour and texture of the chair and the hull of the boat. Making the ordinary extraordinary.

Marinas are always fascinating places to revisit—often what is seen on the first visit is gone and new possibilities are presented upon return.