Campbell River’s Canyon View Trail

April 18th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Destinations, Hiking, Nature Photography, Nature Viewing, North Vancouver Island

Campbell River’s Canyon View Trail (accessed via parking areas at the old BC Hydro powerhouse and at the logging bridge at Woodburn Road) is a moderate 6 km loop that is excellent for wildflowers in the early spring. The rich soil of the Campbell River flood plain is perfect for both white and pink fawn lilies (Erythronium […]

Signs of Spring … Gold

April 8th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Botany, Flowers

One of the most beautiful early blooming spring flowers on the east coast of Vancouver Island is gold star or common spring-gold (Crocidium multicaule). In the Comox Valley the best show is along the narrow stretch of sandy “dunes” between the road and beach at Point Holmes. Kin Beach and the dunes at Goose Spit […]

Boulders at Point Holmes

March 25th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Beaches, Geology, Landscapes

These huge boulders captured my attention on the rocky beach at Point Holmes, in Comox, British Columbia. During low tide Point Holmes is excellent for marine life, but the weather was pretty awful and though the tide was low, I didn’t stay out longer than it took to find some very obvious purple seastars at […]

Finding the Source of Nile Creek

February 15th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Central Vancouver Island, Destinations, Geology, Hiking, Landscapes, Nature Photography, Rivers and Streams, Waterfalls

One often hears off-hand mentions of interesting locations that other photographers have been to: the name of a small creek, a description of an out of the way waterfall, vague directions to the location. These places are usually a little off the beaten path, but still relatively accessible and well used by locals.  Such is the […]

Herring Spawn Head’s Up

February 8th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Central Vancouver Island, Destinations, Fish, Intertidal Zone, Nature Photography, Nature Viewing, Sea Shore

It’s all in the timing and it’s easy to miss. Last spring I was lucky, and the kids and I witnessed the amazing spectacle that is this country’s largest annual Pacific herring spawn. In other years, I’ve been a day or two late or early. When the herring arrive in March, the coastlines of Parksville Qualicum […]

Waiting for the Cows to Come Home

January 28th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Odds and Ends

At this time of year the weather doesn’t always cooperate for nature photography—nothing is really in bloom (although I did find some hairy manzanita on top of Little Mountain near Parksville in flower) and the weather is usually not the best. This weekend I joined a group of photographers from the Comox Valley Camera Club […]

A Slow Morning Down at Little Qualicum River

December 14th, 2013  |  By  |  Published in BC Parks, Central Vancouver Island, Destinations, Landscapes, Nature Photography, Rivers and Streams, Waterfalls

The grey days of winter on Vancouver Island can be excellent for photographing rivers and waterfalls. With the cloud cover, the light is even and flat so you don’t get the high zones of contrast between the dark sides of the river bottoms and the sunlit trees on the ridge above. I’ve organized a “Slow […]

Sandstone and Water

December 5th, 2013  |  By  |  Published in Geology, Landscapes, Nature Photography, Rivers and Streams

I returned to the Oyster River this week with a small group from the Comox Valley Camera Club “Slow Photographers SIG” to photograph the surreal landscape of rock and water on this part of the river. Again, I was limited by the fixed focal length of my Fuji X1oos (Nikon D600 still in the shop […]

Ice and Sandstone on the Oyster River

November 28th, 2013  |  By  |  Published in Abstracts, Geology, Landscapes, Nature Photography, Rivers and Streams

When I’m photographing landscapes, my tendency is to anchor the scene with a foreground object and then go wide to show the expansiveness of the land. Last weekend I was without my full-frame Nikon D600 (still with Nikon Canada being serviced a second time for oil and dust problems—looks like I’ll be without it for […]

Salmon Nurseries in the Tsolum River and its Tributaries

November 26th, 2013  |  By  |  Published in Environmental Issues, Fish, Natural History, Nature Viewing

Guest post by Jennifer Sutherst As our noses are affronted with the smell of salmon carcasses feeding our aquatic habitats, our local streams and rivers are playing host to the completion of the salmon life cycle as adult spawners return to lay their eggs and die.  We saw a huge run of pink salmon a reasonable […]

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