Campbell River’s Canyon View Trail

April 18th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Destinations, Hiking, Nature Photography, Nature Viewing, North Vancouver Island

Campbell River’s Canyon View Trail (accessed via parking areas at the old BC Hydro powerhouse and at the logging bridge at Woodburn Road) is a moderate 6 km loop that is excellent for wildflowers in the early spring. The rich soil of the Campbell River flood plain is perfect for both white and pink fawn lilies (Erythronium […]

Finding the Source of Nile Creek

February 15th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Central Vancouver Island, Destinations, Geology, Hiking, Landscapes, Nature Photography, Rivers and Streams, Waterfalls

One often hears off-hand mentions of interesting locations that other photographers have been to: the name of a small creek, a description of an out of the way waterfall, vague directions to the location. These places are usually a little off the beaten path, but still relatively accessible and well used by locals.  Such is the […]

Herring Spawn Head’s Up

February 8th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Central Vancouver Island, Destinations, Fish, Intertidal Zone, Nature Photography, Nature Viewing, Sea Shore

It’s all in the timing and it’s easy to miss. Last spring I was lucky, and the kids and I witnessed the amazing spectacle that is this country’s largest annual Pacific herring spawn. In other years, I’ve been a day or two late or early. When the herring arrive in March, the coastlines of Parksville Qualicum […]

Twin Falls in Olallie State Park

February 6th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Destinations, Hiking, Landscapes, Pacific Northwest, Rivers and Streams, Washington, Waterfalls

Even in the wet drizzle of a grey day, Olallie State Park is a special place. The South Fork of the Snoqualmie River tumbles over boulders as it makes its way down through the Cascades towards Everett and ultimately, Puget Sound. I stopped in on my way south to Seattle back in December, 2013 when […]

Wallace Falls State Park

January 16th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Destinations, Landscapes, Pacific Northwest, Washington, Waterfalls

On a recent road trip through Washington and Oregon, I decided to stop and check out Wallace Falls State Park. It was fairly late in the day, but the walk didn’t look too far or too strenuous so I figured I could do it before it got dark. The beginning part of the trail isn’t […]

Finally Finding Benham and Dillon Falls

January 5th, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Destinations, Landscapes, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, Waterfalls

I got an early start with the idea to check out Tumalo Falls, figuring to get there while the light was still good. On the way back into Bend, Oregon a side trip out to Benham and Dillon Falls on the Deschutes River looked like it would be fairly straightforward. On paper it looked pretty […]

Smith Rock State Park

January 2nd, 2014  |  By  |  Published in Destinations, Geology, Hiking, Landscapes, Oregon, Pacific Northwest

If you’re looking for a stunning location to do some winter hiking think about checking out Smith Rock State Park near the town of Terrebonne just north of Redmond, Oregon. While primarily known as a rock climbing destination, the landscape and hiking trails are perfect for those like me who are uneasy with heights. Early […]

Whychus Creek Adventure

December 27th, 2013  |  By  |  Published in Destinations, Hiking, Landscapes, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, Waterfalls

Even with a good guide book it can be difficult to find places that are a bit off the beaten path. Roads may have changed, descriptions are often not quite right, and distances may be inaccurate. Usually a bit of back tracking and second guessing is involved to make it to your final destination. Such […]

Looking for Horse Thieves

December 24th, 2013  |  By  |  Published in Destinations, Geology, Landscapes, Nature Photography, Pacific Northwest, Washington

It’s easy to imagine a gang of horse thieves hiding out at Horsethief Butte—the high basalt walls form a natural fortress and there are a number of narrow entrances into the interior of the butte that would make it easy to defend from a posse of lawmen. I visited this Washington state park in early […]

A Slow Morning Down at Little Qualicum River

December 14th, 2013  |  By  |  Published in BC Parks, Central Vancouver Island, Destinations, Landscapes, Nature Photography, Rivers and Streams, Waterfalls

The grey days of winter on Vancouver Island can be excellent for photographing rivers and waterfalls. With the cloud cover, the light is even and flat so you don’t get the high zones of contrast between the dark sides of the river bottoms and the sunlit trees on the ridge above. I’ve organized a “Slow […]

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