Eight Bolts – 1/365 Day Project

Eight Bolts
Eight Bolts

Think it’s time for another 365 Day Project—expect an eclectic mix of urban abstracts, back alleys, and epic landscapes as well as some off the wall feral shopping carts! I did one of these in 2015 (should really bundle those images into a book) and loved the creative challenge.

I’ll be looking to create and post at least one image per day. Based and my experience back in 2015, some days are going to be harder than others, some images are going to be stronger or weaker than others. Much depends on time, light, weather and location.

I found several good compositions today, but liked this one the best. There is a simplicity in basic shapes, patterns and textures that I find particularly compelling in urban landscapes. This image is both symmetrical and asymmetrical creating tension. The colour palette is simple blues and brown with good rusty texture.

The bonus is that this is a good location for fall back images that I can do if I’m pressed for time or struggling—at first glance it’s pretty ordinary but with some creative camera positions there are some solid images to be found in this one place. A good start to 2017!

I hope you enjoy this series!


  1. Thanks for stopping in Elizabeth! Unfortunately things didn’t go quite as planned this year and the 365 Day Project fizzled out, too many other commitments. However, 2018 might be a good year for me to retry it – I’m teaching high school photography again during the 2017/18 school year so during the short, dark and wet days of winter I should be able to find some subjects in my regular work day!

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