Rossiter Lake Ramble

I’ve been meaning to hike down to Rossiter and Divers Lake for some time but they’re a bit off the beaten track and access is essentially in and back. Both of these gorgeous lakes were added to Strathcona Provincial Park back in 2003.

Rossiter Lake
Rossiter Lake

Access to Rossiter Lake (the first lake in the chain) is via logging roads. I thought about driving down to the lake level, but quickly realized that the road had a few dips that were too much for my little two wheel drive. Overall the road is in pretty good shape and should be no problem for a four wheel drive truck.

Rather than risk tearing the bottom out of my car, I ended up leaving it on the road beyond the Raven Lodge and then followed the logging road down hill. The walking was easy (the longer I walked, the more time I spent estimating how long it would take to return to my vehicle).

The road eventually levels out and then curves sharply to the right. At this point there is a junction and another road heads to the left, immediately crosses an old log bridge and then becomes overgrown with red alder. It looks somewhat passable, but this might be a good place to leave your vehicle. About 20 minutes walk on this road takes you to a trail that leads down to Rossiter lake and a magnificent view of Mount Allan Brooks and Mount Albert Edward beyond.

I enjoyed the sunset at Rossiter and then started retracing my route back to my vehicle. The uphill climb was long, but not overly strenuous. Because the road was so open there was still plenty of light even though the sun had set. Even so, starting this hike in the morning and then spending the day continuing on to Divers Lake would be a good way to go. I’m definitely going to try it again once spring arrives more fully and explore through to Divers Lake.

Getting There:

Follow signage directing you to Mount Washington ski resort. Turn off on Nordic Road to the cross-country ski area and the Paradise Meadows trailhead. Drive past the Raven Lodge and straight onto a gravel logging road. Look for your first drivable gravel road going down hill to the right (if you see the biathlon area you’ve gone too far). Park here if you don’t have good clearance in your vehicle, consider driving down to the bottom of the hill if you’ve got a truck as it’ll save you the walk back up the hill. Note that there are a couple of dips on the way down and few places to turn around.

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  1. hi
    I am glad to have you and your rambles back in my e-mail
    so many places I have not been in BC and at my age will not see
    except in photos taken by people like you

  2. Thanks Elizabeth – it’s been a busy couple of months, finally finding time to start posting again. Glad you’re enjoying the photographs and adventures!

  3. Thanks – I definitely want to explore this area further. Access is fairly decent, would make a perfect full day hike.

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  5. About how long did it take for you to walk to Drivers & Rossiter Lake or over all km’s? You mentioned you started driving, can one bike to the lakes. Not too sure if bikes would be aloud in part of the park 🙂

  6. Hello Kim – I think that you could bike most of the way to the lakes. Access to the first lake is essentially on logging road, the first bit is good gravel and passable with a vehicle with clearance so you shouldn’t have problems there. The second stretch of road (where you turn off the main road) is older and overgrown in places. Definitely doable with a mountain bike. Once you get to the lake, I think that you’re going to have to walk. Keep in mind that going down will be easy, riding back up that long hill to Raven Lodge is going to be a workout. I think that 45 minutes to an hour would be a good estimate for walking in to the first lake, slightly longer on the way back.

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