What’s in the Manger?

In an effort to work off some of the holiday calories I walked down to a local game farm with A. to look at the animals. Any guesses as to what we saw?

Add your comments below and I’ll post more pictures over the course of the week!

Can you figure out what kind of animal this is?

Here’s the next image in the series – might help you out a little!

This might help you nose in the right direction!

If you’re still wondering – these last two photographs should be enough for you to figure out the mystery mammal!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…
Scottish Highland Cattle
Scottish Highland Cattle – the mystery mammal revealed!

These Scottish Highland Cattle were photographed at Seaview Game Farm on Seaview Road in Black Creek, British Columbia.

If you like macro photography be sure to check out more images at Macro Monday over at Lisa’s Chaos.


  1. Because it is so straight, I’ll take a guess at Scottish Highland Cattle. There is a nature trail here at Padilla Bay that borders a farm where they graze. Have I embarrassed myself?

  2. OK, it’s probably NOT this, but it’s making me think of the one animal that I want to travel somewhere to see some day- musk ox…

  3. So Dave, you were correct! The mystery mammal was Scottish Highland cattle. Nicely done!

  4. Musk ox is on my “to see” list as well Mike – regretfully this isn’t one. Thanks for stopping in!

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