Halfmoon Bay – BC Skywatch #9

Halfmoon Bay
Rocky islets and wet sand in Halfmoon Bay.

Yesterday evening I headed down to Halfmoon Bay in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve to catch the late evening light. This beautiful little sandy beach has a great north-west orientation and lots of little rocky islands and silohuetted trees for sunset photography. Enjoy!

Halfmoon Bay
Western end of Halfmoon Bay.
Quisitis Point
Looking west toward Quisitis Point.
Offshore Island
Island off the rocky outer shore at Halfmoon Bay.
Halfmoon Bay
Looking northeast into Halfmoon Bay from a rocky penisula.
Looking West
Looking west toward Quisitis Point.

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  1. Beautiful photos Dave.

    you are using the same theme in wordpress 🙂
    but a different lightbox, I love the one you use,
    I use one with white borders these are grey, very nice
    maybe you can tell me wich one you use?


  2. I’m not too sure – I think if anything I’ll set something up at Zazzle and folks can order it if they like.

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