In case you missed it today was an international day of action spearheaded by 350.org to focus attention on climate change. 350ppm is the safe upper limit of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere – above this limit the planet will continue to face significant climate change. Currently, the level of CO2 is 390ppm. October 24th was designated as a day to let politicians know that ordinary people are concerned about climate change and hopefully lead to a new climate treaty when officials meet in Copenhagen in December.

There were no events in the Comox Valley so I headed out to a local park to design a few natural advertisements to promote 350 – hopefully someone will find them and wonder what they mean!

350ppm Beach Rock
350ppm Beach Rock
350ppm Garry Oak Leaves
350ppm Garry Oak Leaves


  1. That’s a great idea. I am no good at these promotions; I always forget the day, and then I can’t think of anything to say that several dozen people haven’t already said, and better than I could.

    But this, I can do. For all sorts of occasions. Maybe not my 2 cents’ worth, but a penny, anyhow.

    🙂 350ppm.

  2. Great, way to go. We need more people who are not only concerned about the environment, but are also willing to make an effort themselves.


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