Sunflower Yellow

Sunflower Petals 1
Sunflower Petals 1

The first year that we moved to our little house in Courtenay we decided that we wanted to do something different with our back lane. Both Jocie and I love sunflowers so we thought that it would be really cool to plant some on the other side of our back fence beside the road. Since our backyard is south facing the sunflowers did very well there and self-seeded the following year.

Sunflower Petals 2
Sunflower Petals 2

We now have American Goldfinch regularly along our sunflower lane feeding on the seeds in late summer and fall. Bees and other insects feed on their nectar and pollen. Our neighbours must have been impressed with the display since two of them have planted their road allowance with sunflowers as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to convert more downtown guerrilla gardeners to our cause!


  1. Hi Dave
    Thanks for posting this really fantastic idea! We also have an alley behind our house and we’ve all been thinking of ways to bring some beauty into the area.
    We have a problem with the city cutting down EVERYTHING that is growing in the alley. Do you also have this problem?

  2. Hi Beth,
    Our road allowance is fairly wide so we were able to put in an approx. 3′ wide flower/sunflower bed and still have some road edge to play with. I think that if you make it look like a flower bed with defined borders you shouldn’t have a problem. Note that you do get the occasional sunflower enthusiast who “samples” a flower or two but that’s all part of the fun!

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